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Special Events               

Naga New Year Festival (January)

The Nagas live near the border of India in the northwestern hills. There are about 150.000 living in Myanmar in about 12 tribes. They share many characteristics like hunting or agriculture but they are also very different in the way they dress, their way of weaving, facial tattoos, hats etc. They have their festival in January.

Kachin Manau Festival (January)


This beautiful festival is held by the hill people, the Kachin in Myitkyina and Putao. It is a very popular festival in Myanmar and it is held in January to celebrate the New Year, victory in battles and tribal reunions. It takes place in the festival ground where people dance around the erects Manau Poles that are very delicately ornamented.

Nat Festival In Nadaw

The traditional family gods, the nats have a festival in November-December. Ritual feasts in their honor are held. Buddhists make all kinds of offerings to them because Buddhists believe that they live on another existing planet and take care of human beings.







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